Installing Illuminate LockDown Browser for Chromebooks



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    Jess Foddrill (Edited )

    A few additions to the above article that you should keep in mind if you plan to implement this app:

    • The account you publish the code under should be a SuperAdmin account in your GAFE domain that will not get deleted during the app's use.  For instance, if the SuperAdmin creates the app and then leaves the district, and the district removes their account, the app will be removed as well.  It is tied to that user account.  You could create a generic SuperAdmin account for use when publishing apps that will never be used as a personal account to make sure the app remains live.
    • While the kiosk app is a locked browser, online rostering does not treat it as such.  So when setting up an online roster for use with the app, do not select the locked browser option in setup.  Doing so will cause the test to crash within the kiosk app.
    • If you are using the traditional locked browser on other devices, and the kiosk app on Chromebooks, you will need to set up two rosters.  One will be a roster with the locked browser option set in the roster setup, and the other will be one without it set.  Assign the students you know will be on each device to their respective rosters.  It may be tedious, but it will allow you to use all the devices in your classroom at once.
    • The app does not have code in place to exit back to the login screen.  When I created it, my district did not have a need for an exit button or key combo.  To get back to the login screen after a test, you will need to restart the Chromebook, which should take no more than 10-15 seconds.  That being said, I was able to track down a code snippet to allow for someone to exit a kiosk app.  The code can be found at  I do not have a GAFE domain to test with anymore, but it should be a pretty straight forward addition to the provided code.

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