VIDEO: Custom Report - Removing Duplicates and Grouping



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    David Johnson

    Regarding the standardized instructions above (copied below) - this is not helpful:  Even following those instructions, I still cannot get this video to load.  You should post direct links into Vimeo in addition to however you're trying to do it here - I'm currently searching through over 500 videos to find the one I need.  This is not a time saver, it's making my problem even more frustrating.  Even went into the console to try and pull from your embed codes unsuccessfully.  

    If you are unable to see the video below, it is probably due to your district firewall blocking  

    NOTE: Due to new browser updates some videos and/or zip file links may not be working for you. To fix this issue, allow your browser the permission to “Load Unsafe Scripts” (Our videos are safe, promise!). This will only work if the browser update is indeed the issue (and its not your District blocking content), to confirm that it is, you should see a shield in the address bar.

    Once you select “Load Unsafe Scripts” Chrome will refresh the page and load its content.This should allow you to view/download the videos.  

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