All About Student Profile Widgets




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    Ann Stefano

    Thanks for letting us know! Prior to our big i11uminate release this summer (which focuses on the side navigation and dashboards, we did give Student Profile an upgrade from our prior look a few months prior. While it may not seem drastic, the page has become softer with rounded edges, lighter gray headers, and increased technology behind the scenes.

    As for more about the Gradebook and Student Portal View widgets, we can definitely add to that.

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    Nicholas McCormick

    Announcement says a new navigation and dashboard were released (Illuminate 11.0?).  I haven't seen a big shift in the student profile during the redesign though... can we get some clarity or a link to the new resource if one exists?  I'm going to continue using this for now but wish it was a bit more detailed specifically for the Student Portal Widget since the GradeBook widget shows inactive GradeBooks which isn't helpful at all. =/

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