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    Burkett, Brent

    I followed these instruction to the letter and every student is getting a zero.  I went back, duplicated every question and created a new test since I couldn't edit an existing published assessment and assigned that and still every student is getting a 0.  Not a low score but a 0.  Every question is wrong.  I have no way to check to see if it will work before I push it out to students.  I really think you need to just market this product as a multiple choice test creator only.  It is not user friendly enough to create anything but a multiple choice test and your help articles are anything but helpful.  It's nice that your product has all these options but if they don't work then what's the use.  If I have to look at every students answer to enter a score why wouldn't I just give it to them on paper and not waste 5 hours trying to create a 10 question quiz.  I really think your product is not living up to what was promised.

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