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Behavior Management

Complete an Eligible IEP

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Complete an Ineligible IEP

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Illuminate University for ISE Users

General Information on How to Add a Benchmark (Goal) to the IEP Process

Create, Edit, and/or Delete Goals & Objectives

Early On Data/IFSP

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Complete an IFSP

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FAPE Service Logs


Generic Prior Written Notice

ISE Permissions

Manifestation Determination Review (MDR)

Medicaid: For Admins

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Medicaid: For Service Providers

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Medicaid: For Personal Care Providers

Early On Parental Consent

Michigan State Assessment Changes within the IEP Process

Permission to Place

Progress Reporting


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Louisiana REED

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ISE Reports

Standard Collections

State Reporting

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Summary of Performance (SOP)

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Troubleshooting Data

Miscellaneous: ISE

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IEP Quick Access

IEP PDF Preview

IFSP Student Contact Log

Caring for Students (C4S) for Administration

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Caring for Students (C4S) For Providers

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Contingency Learning Plan

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Caring for Students (C4S) Personal Care Providers

Plan of Care (POC)

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Non Public Service Plan

Complete a Non Public Service Plan Amendment

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