Online Testing: Using Built-in Browser Tools to Troubleshoot: Inspect Element and Console Errors


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    Kristin Town

    We would love to look into each issue specifically for you. Often times the issue arises because the wireless network in that particular testing environment or the bandwidth of the internet/network in that classroom cannot handle the load of students accessing the same access point at the same time. However, there are also times when there is an error being generated in the browser that we might be able to assist you with. 

    1. Log into the assessment as a student. This means you'll need to sit with a student to have them log into their portal or the test's quick roster via the access code.
    2. Right click on your screen
    3. Click Inspect in the drop down that opens up where you click
    4. Take a screenshot of the Network and Console tabs

    Then send that information to us at with the direct link of the assessment or the assessment's name and author. 

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