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    Kristen Royster (Edited )

    The item types that do not give data and will be greyed out on Live Proctoring are:

    • Any CoreSpring item or items with a CoreSpring ID (items from INSPECT can have CoreSpring IDs)
    • Select Dropdown
    • Multi-Part Items
    • Drag and Drop
    • Matching Tables
    • Graphing Items
    • Number Line
    • Selectable Text - will not be greyed out but does not show if a student answered it correctly

    The reason for the majority of these items types not showing data on Live Proctoring is that they are Technology Enhanced Items, many of them will have CoreSpring IDs as well. 


    The item types that will give data on Live Proctoring are:

    • Multiple Choice
    • Non-Traditional Selected Response
    • Evidence Based Selected Response
    • Drawing Response (not on DASH, only individual student/question page)
    • Explicit Constructed Response
    • Math Equation Response
    • Constructed Response - will appear grey on Live Proctoring but if you click on the magnifying glass you will be able to see responses


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    Ruth Hansen

    If I click on the magnifying glass and the box is grey and empty, then does that mean I can't look at student responses?  If not, how do I access their answers to these questions?  Thank you.

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