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    Kristin Town

    The three_years_us_schooling field has not been added to our studemo.txt file as of yet but we do have this field in our system. This data will need to be adding using an insert query on our end. 

    This will need to be added using the Supplemental Data process:

    Create an Excel file with the following fields:

    1. Student Import ID

    2. Three Years Us Schooling: (boolean field 1= YES 0=NO)

    Once the file has been created and named appropriately i.e. Three years, bussing, counselor, etc. (be sure to include a HEADER ROW), place the file in the SUPPLEMENTAL_DATA folder on your SFTP server.  Email our support team at and be sure to put "ISI COHORT SUPPLEMENTAL DATA REQUEST" in the Subject line. In the body of the email, please state what data is included and for the file/data to be added to your SANDBOX site. 

    We will let you know once the data has loaded in the Sandbox and you can validate the data. Once you have verified the data in the Sandbox site looks good, we will then import into your live instance!

    Important Note:

    We recommend saving this as one of the last pieces of information you will be importing. The reasoning is, if we insert the data now, by the next studemo import the data will be wiped. Once the studemo.txt file is no longer being imported, we can insert the data and the information will be safely housed in Illuminate!  

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