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    Kristin Town (Edited )

     What tables to look at:

    Bussing Data: public.student_bussing

    Comments Data: public.student_comments

    Counselor Data:  public.student_counselor_aff

    Counselor Data : public.student_counselor_logs

    Homeless Data: public.student_homeless

    Residential Status Data: public.student_residenial_status

    Retention Promotion Data: public.student_retention_promotion

    These tables can be found in Schema Spy with their respective fields. I have added the link with the credentials for Schema Spy below:

    IE Schema
    username: schema
    password: cZ6KBkqx8ZcmBk

    Once the file has been created and named appropriately i.e. bussing, counselor, etc. (be sure to include a HEADER ROW), place the file in the SUPPLEMENTAL_DATA folder on your SFTP server.  Email our support team at and be sure to put "ISI COHORT SUPPLEMENTAL DATA REQUEST" in the Subject line. In the body of the email, please state what data is included and for the file/data to be added to your SANDBOX site. 

    We will let you know once the data has loaded in the Sandbox and you can validate the data. Once you have verified the data in the Sandbox site looks good, we will then import into your live instance!

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