Online Testing: What should I do if I have one student or a handful of students that are having issues accessing the online test in the portal?


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    Kristin Town

    No. Students should only be in one open roster at a time. When a student is in duplicate rosters for the same assessment, the result could be deleted responses because the new roster essentially removes previous answers. In addition, it could prevent student responses from downloading to DnA and showing their autoscored results in enter/edit or any of the prebuilt reports. 

    Instead you could try the following:

    • View the student in the student list of that particular roster and make sure the student does not show FINISHED or PAUSED

    • If the student list shows that the student has finished the assessment, you can re-open the roster for that student.

    •  If there is nothing you can see that is different between the student unable to access the test and those that are accessing the test successfully, you can email us at and include a link to the assessment, the student's ID number or name, and what exactly they are seeing when they log into their portal. We'll work with you specifically to resolve the issue. 

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