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    Hi, Catherine! Thanks for reaching out to us through our online community!

    When a student has two households, the student is linked to both households; however, the two households are not linked to each other. With two households, each primary parent will have their own email address linked to their own parent portal account.  

    When it comes time to register the student for the following academic year, the parents in each household will not have the ability to see or edit each other's household contact details. The parents will also have the ability to add additional contacts to their own household. 

    With the "Other Contacts" area, these contacts are visible by both households and may be edited by both households.  If each parent has their own set of emergency contacts that they do not wish to be visible by the other parent, we recommend adding those contacts to the individual households to keep them separate and out of site. 

    Feel free to give our Support Team a call with any additional questions. 


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