Online Testing: The test materials are not showing up for my students.



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    Kristin Town

    Making the materials or test booklet available for students while they are testing requires the booklet to be added to the online roster for those students.

    1. Create your online testing roster by clicking on Administration > Online Testing

    2. Add Roster - set your testing window and indicate which students should be on this roster. If you are adding a Quick Roster, you will not have an option to indicate specific students.
    3. Expand Online Testing - Administration Settings. Here you can determine the daily testing window, meaning students will only see the assessment available to them between the set hours each day until the overall testing window ends. 
    4. Choose the appropriate Inline Booklet from the dropdown menu. This is the test booklet that will appear side by side with the online bubble sheet for your students.
    5. You can enable any addition online testing tools or establish assessment review settings and then save your roster.

    You can also watch a quick video here.

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    Kristin Town

    If you already created your roster and students are already accessing the test online, don't worry. You can still attach the booklet. 

    1. Open the online testing roster by clicking EDIT from the list of active rosters.
    2. Scroll down to Online Testing - Administration Settings and choose your inline booklet from the available dropdown. Note: If you don't show any available inline booklets, you'll need to upload the materials to the assessment first by going to Setup > Materials.
    3. Save your roster and advise students to refresh their browser window by pressing CTRL+R on their keyboard for a PC or command+R on their MAC keyboard.

    Video is available here.

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