Reporting: Can I delete a student's score in a gradebook field?


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    Kristin Town

    Fields that are automatically pulling from gradebooks or assessments can be overwritten by the teacher if the report card creator enabled that option. However, the overwrite score needs to come from the value scale or dropdown you see in the entry screen. While you can make it blank and save it, the report card will pull the grade from the gradebook or assessment when you print it. 

    You have two options:

    1) Delete the student's scores from the gradebook or assessment that is tied to that field. This is not the ideal choice as you will likely want to keep some record of what the student earned while in the class.

    2) Add a new value to the value scale such as N/A so that teachers have the option to overwrite a default score if it truly does not apply to that student. 

    Read our step-by-step guide on value scales for more information.

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