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    Leilani Carbonell Pedroni
    Cool LIVE PROCTORING tip from Valerie Coffey (Illuminate Implementation Manager in Michigan):

    Kids always have something to tell their teacher when they walk in the door (especially at elementary level). It equals lots of voices trying to reach the teacher's ears and while the teacher wants to hear it all, there is also a limit on time to do so. Add to that teaching students appropriate social media use (stay with me here), such as Twitter or Facebook posts.

    I had heard about a teacher who laminated sentence strips and every morning part of bell work was for students to tell whatever news they had in SIX words.  The teacher (and other students) could then read what students had "posted" as they moved about the room.  The teacher can also redirect and help students find better words if their post is inappropriate.  So, teachers can read things like "Dog died last night. Feeling sad!" "Going to a waterpark Saturday. Excited!"  It lets students tell what is on their minds and also learn how to share appropriate posts.  Teachers gain a better understanding of their students and what may be impacting their day. 
    We can totally do that in Live Proctoring. Students could open a one question constructed response assessment each morning and write their post.  The teacher could then display it and everyone could read each other's posts, or it could just be for the teacher to read.  
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    Valerie Coffey

    A teacher could always have two questions.

    1. The six word post to share with the class

    2. Anything that they want the teacher to know. This one only the teacher would read.  This would allow students to share more private concerns, such as family issues, report bullying, fears or worries.  

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