Product Releases: v9.8 Released



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    Kristin Town

    I'm so excited that the Enter/Edit options in assessments and summary assessments have been cleaned up! It's so much easier to have fewer options especially when troubleshooting an issue or working with someone else on entering data on the same assessment.

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    Valerie Coffey

    Math Teachers rejoice!  Number Grids are here (for those using Lightning Grader for scanning)!  

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    Alina Gonzalez

    The On Track report is so easy to read! 

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    Ann Stefano

    iPD spotlight is going to be so much fun! What a great way to meet our Illuminators who can start your year off illuminating with style!

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    April Beasley

    Thanks for the new GA Known Data Imports build!  Administrators can now upload 2016-2017 Milestones and EOC data!

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