Assessments: Exporting and Re-Importing Data into a Duplicate Assessment


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    Karen Nguyen (Edited )

    Go to Assessments > View Assessments > click on the title of the original assessment. Then do the following:

    1. Click on the number of students who have assessment data on the assessment Overview page. This will take you to the Student Responses report.


    2. Click on Student Response under Download Raw Student Response Data. This will download a tab-delimited (.txt) file containing the student data.

    3. (Optional - skip to Step 5 if you already have a duplicate assessment created): Click Advanced > Duplicate Assessment to create a copy of your original assessment.


    4. Click on the copy of your assessment on the View Assessments page.


    5. Click Import on the white box that appears to go to the assessment import page. You can also get there by going to Administration > Import.


    6. Choose Tab as the file delimiter.

    7. Click Choose File and find the tab-delimited file that was downloaded to your computer from Step 2. 

    8. Click Upload.


    9. Select Local Student Id in the dropdown as the Student ID column.

    10. Select Date Taken in the dropdown as the Date Taken column.

    11. Select Q1 from the dropdown as the First Student Response column.

    12. Click Import

    13. Refresh the page and the Student Responses report should populate with student data.

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