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    Natalie Howell

    Hi Myra! In a manual/hybrid assessment, you would use the letters (T or F) to indicate the correct answer. Make sure you adjust your answer document to reflect the same letters though! Otherwise, they will default to A, B, C, D, etc.

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    Chris Rushing (Edited )

    Hi Myra! In the Itembank you would create a Non-Traditional Selected Response Item.

    Step 1: In the Stem, you would write your question. 

    Step 2: Under Selected Response Option choose True / False.

    Step 3: You need at least two Answer Choices for it to publish. If the Checkbox is marked green it is True. If you keep the checkmark blank it is False. 

    Here is a link to a help doc as well.

    I have attached screenshots as examples. Thank you for your question!

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    Linda Kastanis

    I have my T/F questions set up as you described above but am still receiving the following error message. The process set up for creating true / false questions is not intuitive.

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