Itembank: How do I create a multi-part question in the itembank?



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    Kristin Town

    Our itembank does not yet support user-created TEI or technology enhanced items. These items are imported from publisher itembanks and made available to be added to your itembank assessment. However, those cannot be created directly in the itembank by our users. We are working to make significant updates to our itembank functionality which would lead to being able to create your TEI items like multi-part items.

    However, you can accomplish a similar effect by creating a passage and then linking two separate questions to the passage. What works best is to put your question stem as the passage. Then create your two separate questions in whatever item type you'd like part 1 and part 2 to be. Then under the item details, you can exclude the stem from being displayed to the student. This means they only see the text in the passage and then have two questions to answer one after the other. 

    Feel free to reach out to us at if you have a specific question you are trying to create. We can definitely help you directly as well.

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    Is there an update on this post? Does the itembank  now support user-created TEI or technology enhanced items?

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