Reporting: There are so many comments fields. What should I map to my report card for each grading period so I don't get confused?


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    Ann Stefano

    Great question Kristin!

    When mapping or laying out where the fields will print the data onto the report card, documents that have respective places for each grading period (Comments Trimester 1, Comments Trimester 2, Comments Trimester 3) will need a field to print the correct data mapped onto the document.

    There are two types of Comments available: Predefined Comments and Free Entry Comments. Some builders use one or the other, or some use a combination of both. Predefined Comments are when is a list of comments is available to a teacher to choose from that creates the student's comments. Each comment they can choose for a student needs a field. Free Entry is like a textbox for teacher's to enter a paragraph-like comment. 

    All Comments is designed to pull any comment type (Free Entry AND Predefined) together into a paragraph-like text for the prospective grading period.

    There is no harm in mapping this even when not combining field types, but the logic in the system pulls and wraps all comments into that one field.

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