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    Stephanie Lai

    There are a few common reasons that the data in your report card may not match what is in your custom report:

    1. The report card field is pulling from the wrong report (often a similar name) or the wrong column.
    2. The report was incorrect when the grading period locked (at the end of the grading period). If the report is updated after the grading period locks, please have a System Admin contact Support as we will need to unlock the grading period.
    3. The report card field was set up to allow users/teachers to enter overwrite values, and they entered their own values instead of relying on the default custom report values. Teachers can clear these values by filling down blanks and/or deleting the overwrite values.

    If you are not sure why the data doesn’t match, please contact Support by phone at 949-242-0343 or by email at so that we can look at your specific setup to determine the issue.

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