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    Ann Stefano

    LeAnne! What a great question!

    Behavior Comments are typically used to record positive or negative behavior that seems out of the ordinary to the students typical behavior. For those in support and use of PBIS, this could be where you can comment categorize (a setup component) a student's behavior such as Being extra helpful without prompted as Positive. In the opposite, as a teacher, I may notice they student acted out more so than usual, but it is not to the level of a referral or receiving an incident report as of yet. However, I would anyone else to be able to know (let's say in Period 2), that this behavior had been noticed. If it becomes repeatable or starts to expedentially get worse, then there is documentation showing such patterns.

    The great thing is that comments can be customized and your team can decide on categories to provide teachers like yourself to distinguish if the comment is "Awareness", "Positive", "Call Home", etc. 

    Some organizations also create a matrix where they distinguish examples of how a comment is different than an incident.

    Our team is hosting an amazing webinar on Behavior coming up if you'd like to join us! Register today:

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    Roy Chester Thomas

    Thank you

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