Assessments: How do I include decimal values on my assessment rubric?


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    Karen Nguyen (Edited )

    When setting up a rubric question, Illuminate's manual / hybrid assessments will support whole number values by default. You can enable Advanced + Rubric on an assessment to allow decimal scores to be entered on the Enter/Edit page.

    Go to your assessment > Setup > Answer Key


    For the question you want to enter decimal scores for, check the boxes under the Advanced and Rubric columns.

    Enter in all decimal and whole number values in a comma-separated list in the Correct box. In the above example, I want to enter in decimal scores by every 0.5 value up to 5 (0.5:0.5, 1:1, 1.5:1.5, 2:2, 2.5:2.5, 3:3, 3.5:3.5, 4:4, 4.5:4.5, 5:5). Click Save.

    When navigating to the Enter/Edit page (Administration > Enter/Edit), decimals will appear in the dropdown to select (max of 10 values display). You can also type the value into the cells.

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