Online Testing: How do I check for students who have not finished / not taken an assessment?


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    Karen Nguyen (Edited )

    Go to Assessments > View Assessments > click on the title of your assessment. You can check the online testing status for students via (1) the online testing roster or (2) the Enter/Edit page.


    (1) Check the online testing roster

    1. Click Administration > Online Testing.


    2. Click Students: N (N = number of students who are taking the assessment) to generate the roster of students.

    3. View the students on the online testing roster. In this example, student Stannis Baratheon started the assessment but did not press Finish. Student Khal Drogo did not start the test.


    4. For students who started the assessment, use Actions > Force Finish to push the assessment results through. Otherwise, have the student log back into the assessment to finish it.


    (2) Check the Enter/Edit page:

    5. Go to Administration > Enter/Edit.


    6. Select Students Without Data in the View dropdown > Find Students.


    7. The Enter/Edit page will display a list of students who do not have assessment data.

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