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    Kimberly Milligan

    Here is a troubleshooting checklist:

    • VPN Connection: Confirm BigIP software is "connected". If not connected make sure password has been updated
    • SFTP: Confim that files are being sent to IlluminateEd daily

    1) Check activity on file in the "psexports" folder

    2) Confirm your SFTP username and password, provided by IlluminateEd, is correct in the file

    3) Log onto SFTP credentials manually. Open WinSCP program and login.

    4) Check automation: Confirm Windows Task Scheduler is functioning properly

    5) Confirm "psnavigator" password is correct. (Can be found in "IEexport.cmd" file.

    When you contact Pearson, please ask that they do the following:

    • Reset the VPN Password
    • You may have to uninstall, then reinstall the Big Edge IP software, in order to enter a new password.
    • Ensure that Pearson does not require you to change the VPN Password.
    • Ask that Pearson test connect you new VPN password with you PSNavigator password. (Please note: The PSNavigator password never changes and is located in the IEexport.cmd file.)
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