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    Kimberly Milligan

    PowerSchool introduced a way for user accounts to be merged on v7.8 and above. Once that was done, teachers that were at more that one site could be merged with the teachernumber field in PowerSchool.

    However, the demographic data for a teacher at one school site may differ than another.

    Here is an example:

    Error Code User ID Last Name First Name Gender
    O012 XX-XX Smith Jane F
    O012 XX-XX Smith Jane

    Jane Smith has a record with the gender field marked as "F", but the other record does not have it populated at all. If you look in PowerSchool, you will be able to confirm that this is the case.

    The courtesy script is extracting a lot of data, so if any field differs from another, then it will extract a duplicate. You have two options:

    1) Modify the user records in the Illuminate Error log, to have exact matches in the fields of PowerSchool
    2) Only bring in the required fields; User_ID, Last Name, First Name (Modify the users.sql file)

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