Resources: High Schools using Illuminate ISI



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    Casey Mirch

    Our first year with ISI at Leadership Public Schools was 2014-2015. We have 4 small charter high schools in the SF Bay Area, California. We migrated to ISI from PowerSchool after several years on DNA only.

    Casey Mirch
    Leadership Public Schools

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    Mike Wibben

    Hi Doug,

    We've been working with many high schools in our consortium and depending on your questions, I can either help find an answer OR get you in touch with a local HS staff member who can share with you how they've handled certain issues.

    We're in our third year using ISI.

    Mike Wibben
    Manager, Deployment and Training
    Riverside County Office of Education
    Ph. / ServiceDesk (951) 826-6600

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    Chris Moggia

    I maintain a list of about 50 districts here in CA that use Illuminate ISI:

    If you click on a name in the list of districts, it will also show the other systems (registration, fee payment, assessment, etc.) that each district uses.




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