PowerSchool Extract Tool: Why is the first and last name combined in the contact.txt file?


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    Jay Schupp

    Mother and Father contact information is entered in PowerSchool on the student demographics page. The contact information should be entered as displayed on the PowerSchool demographics page. Refer to the example below as the correct way to enter contact information for use in Illuminate.

    Father (last, first) -> Flintstone, Fred
    Mother (last, first) -> Flintstone, Wilma

    The courtesy Illuminate scripts use the comma (,) between the lastname and firstname to properly export the contact data into Illuminate.

    Entering the contact information incorrectly will result in the contact information not importing into Illuminate or showing incorrectly in Illuminate as shown below
    Father (last, first) -> Flintstone Fred
    Mother (last, first) -> Wilma, Flintsone

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