Data Import Errors: Warning! One or more automation profile is importing stale files.


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    Kent (Edited )

    The Warning message comes up only if the files on the SFTP server are more than seven days old. There are three basic parts that could affect the flow of data from the Aeries Extract Tool to the SFTP server:
    The Aeries Extract Tool, the SFTP account, and the Task Scheduler. The steps below should help you troubleshoot where the problem might be.

    Step 1: Manually log on to the SFTP server with your credentials to verify that they work. If they don’t work email to have them check the account. If they do work move to Step 2.

    Step 2: Confirm that the Core Data files that are listed in the Core Data Automation Profile Settings are outdated on the SFTP server. If they are current email and let them know. If they are outdated move to Step 3.

    Step 3: Manually run the AeriesExtract.exe file.
    If there is an error run it again and add the following to produce a log file: AeriesExtract.exe > log.txt (email this to
    If the tool runs fine check the SFTP server to see if the files have been updated. If they are still old move to Step 4. If they are now current move to Step 5.

    Step 4: If the files are not updated on the SFTP server do the following:
    Confirm this setting is set to True in the AeriesExtract.exe.config file <add key="SFTP-Enabled" value="True" />
    Manually connect to the SFTP server with your credentials using a client like Sometimes the computer has to accept the certificate in order for the tool to complete the upload. If you are able to connect go back and run the tool again. If you are not able to connect you may have a Firewall issue. Email to have them check the logs.

    Step 5: The Task Scheduler is a very common problem. The Task is supposed to be setup under an Admin account and run every day sometime between 6-8pm. Here are some things you can check on your end:
    - Sometimes the computer that was running the task was shutdown…like over the break.
    - Make sure the task is setup under the admin account.
    - It might be best to delete the Task and recreate it.

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