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    Joseph Bonifacio

    Hello Heidi, 

    We can talk more specifics via a ticket.  If you submit a ticket via e-mail to help@illuminateed.com, one of my colleagues or I will be able to answer your questions while in context to the specifics of your district or charter school organization's implementation.  I say this upfront to make sure we do not discuss any information which may violate your FERPA.

    To speak more broadly though, we might need some clarification about your question.

    GAFE, Google Apps for Education, is a suite of useful apps that are available for student use.  To access GAFE, your students would likely need to log on, and Google allows other third-party SSO to connect beyond their own form of SSO, called Google SSO.  It might seem like, based on your wording, if Illuminate can help manage GAFE's SSO.  Unfortunately, as of now, Illuminate Education is not a SSO service - you would need to toy around with your Active Directory (or other SSO) set up and see if it would work.  You can see more here: https://support.google.com/a/answer/60224?hl=en.

    On the other hand, you may also be asking the following: can your district or organization's students use their Google account to authenticate to our Student Portal?  The answer is yes!  Illuminate Education integrates to Google SSO and we can use their service to authenticate your students.  This means you can manage your student username and passwords using Google's services rather than our own.

    If you'd like examples of other districts who are using Google SSO for their student portal, please contact your Implementation Manager or Illuminate Support for more information.

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