Reporting: Is the WASC Report for everyone?


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    Hi Kristin,

    All California Illuminate clients can use the WASC report. Currently it lets you run the report for high schools. Be sure to check "Site Management" for the "State Site ID" to include the full 14-digit CDS (County/District/State) code with no dashes provided by the California Department of Education.  The CDS code is used to pull the correct data from the state research files for the AYP, API, School Enrollment, EAP, and Behavior.  This is the data that we have pulled from the CDE, which is what you would also find on a site like DataQuest.  The other information is summarized from the information that is part (like student rosters) of or imported into Illuminate, including: English Learners, Socio-economic status, Language, CAASPP (Smarter Balanced-ELA and Math, CST-Science), CELDT, SAT, Advanced Placement (AP), Algebra Enrollment, and D&F Grade Summary.

    Please note that you will have to import the data for each of these sections if you want to see the data in Illuminate. State/Known Data imports are available for CAASPP (SBA/CST), CELDT, SAT, and AP.

    Thank you!

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