System Admins: What do I need to do when I get an email about the automation profile ending?




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    Mark Walls (Edited )

    Typically, during the summer time, schedules and rosters for the upcoming school year are in a state of flux. Because of this, Illuminate will automatically end your data automation process when a school year ends. This means that during your traditional summer time, data will NOT be importing into your Illuminate installation. 

    This is done because as your schools are adjusting their schedules the data is very messy. It is best to simply not import data until someone with knowledge of the school or districts processes around finalizing new schedules alerts Illuminate that you are ready to resume imports for the new year.

    As part of this automatic shutoff of imports, an email is sent to representatives at the district. The email is purely informational. It's just Illuminate's way of reminding you that since summer is here, imports are turned off. Nothing has to be done upon receipt of the email. However, the imports will not resume on their own! Make sure to re-enable automation or contact Illuminate for support.

    Make sure to let Illuminate know when your schedules are ready to go for next year. Your automation will get turned on and you'll be all set. Also, feel free to request a "data refresh" a couple of weeks into the new school year. This will basically reset your data so that any crazy changes in enrollment, master schedules, or rosters can all be accounted for. 

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    Kristen Royster

    The Core Data Automation Profile is typically set to end at the end of the school year. This means that the core data imports will stop running every night. To have it continue running:

    1. Log into Illuminate and click on the Admin Cog wheel.
    2. Click on Core Data Import Automation Profiles.
    3. Underneath Action, click on Edit.
    4. Set a new Start and End Date.
    5. Make sure the Enable checkbox at the top is checked-marked.
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