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    Joseph Bonifacio

    You might notice that we have 2 (maybe 3 if you use ISI and ISE) different categories for Contacts.

    "Contacts" is ussually tied to ISE.  DnA and ISI users should typically not see this.

    "Contacts - Basics" contains the most basic contact information such as address or phone number.  If you are hoping to pull one contact for each student, you should pull data from this category.

    "Contacts - Advanced" contains more advanced data, such as relationship to the child.  If you want to see multiple contacts per row (i.e. Primary Contact and Secondary Contact) you may want to pull from this category.

    For the majority of our clients, they'll see one or two of these available to them - if you don't your system admin may have either renamed the category or limited our meta-data access.

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