Summary Assessments: Length of Test Fields



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    Kristin Town

    Hi, Doug! I've confirmed with our development team that the limit is 500 characters for each column name and column value. We've tried to test through multiple use cases to choose a limit that fits the needs of our customers but also makes sense with how the tool was designed to be used. For column value, we'd normally recommend much less than 500 characters as the options end up creating a dropdown. It wouldn't be very user friendly for those entering data to have a huge list to scroll through to pick the correct choice for that particular student record. 

    If you or your teachers are using the summary for a different purpose than simple data storage (ie comments or longer notes), please send us an example link and use case scenario to so that we can help you come up with the best solution to meet your needs.


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    Kristin Town (Edited )

    Hi, Doug! Thanks for your question. 

    I'm assuming you are referring to summary assessments. I have successfully added both column name and column value of 500 characters. I will confirm with our developers and will provide the official answer then. 

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