Assessments: Deleting an Assessment Item After Administration




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    Kristin Town (Edited )

    Hi, Amanda!

    Since it's already been administered, you cannot delete a question and the connected responses. The fastest solution would be to simply mark the question as extra credit on your answer key. Setup>Answer Key. That does mean that the students who answered it correctly would get extra credit. The next option requires a few more steps but would mean that the question completely disappears from the assessment.

    1) You could download the student responses from the assessment. Navigation: Reports>Student Responses>Download Raw Student Response Data.

    2) Then remove all student responses from the assessment. Navigation: Advanced>Remove all student responses

    3) Delete the question from the answer key. Navigation: Setup>Answer Key.

    4) Open your file of student responses in Excel and delete the column containing the question/responses you no longer want to include. Save your file as csv or tab-delimited text.

    5) Import the student responses from your file

    There are a few steps, but once you do it one time, it's super easy! Please be sure to email us at if you run into any issues!

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    Jamie Jung


    Is deleting a question after creating an assessment possible? The assessment hasn't been administered yet. I have tried going on the sheet designer and answer key but not finding any luck.



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