Prebuilt Reports: The student scope selector at one of our sites only lists Courses as a filter option. Why?


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    Kristin Town

    There are a couple of things that could be causing the issue. However, it is most often related to Site Management. If you are a system administrator in Illuminate, you will want to check Site Management - Admin Gear > Site Management. Is the site with the issue listed as the parent site of any other sites in the district? The last column in the grid of sites shows the Parent Site ID. Look for the site ID of the site in question. If you see it listed, that is the reason! Being used as a parent site indicates for the prebuilt reports that the site is a district and districts do not have teachers, classes, and students assigned directly to the district. You'll need to edit the site using that as the parent site ID and change that back to the District Site ID. 

    If that is not the issue, it is likely related to either calendar, terms, or schedules. Feel free to email support so we can help you investigate further. 


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