Assessments: How do I add questions to preexisting assessment?



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    Kristin Town

    Hi, Myra!

    I'm sorry it took us a bit to get back to you! It would depend on the type of test you are trying to duplicate. If you wanted to email us the name of the test to, we could write out the specific steps. 

    For a manual assessment or existing answer key:

    1. Open the assessment and click Advanced > Duplicate Assessment
    2. In the green bar that notifies you of the successful duplication, click the Copy of (your assessment title)
    3. Since there are no responses, you will see a modal with administration options. Click on the Setup tab and then Answer Key
    4. Add the number of questions you'd like under the final question

    Help Document: 

    For an itembank assessment where you selected the questions or created your own: 

    1. You will need to open the assessment and choose Advanced > Duplicate Itembank Assessment
    2. Then select Not Published - Creates an editable copy of the assessment within your Itembank account.
    3. The test then duplicates in the itembank for you where you can remove questions on the Step 4 tab or add more questions via the Step 3 tab.

    Help Document: Duplicating an Itembank Assessment

    Again, please email us at if you are having difficulty with one particular assessment. If you created the assessment, you'll always be able to duplicate. If someone else created it and shared it with you, they may not have given others permission to duplicate. 

    Thank you!

    Kristin Town - product support 


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    Nina Mouanaohue

    I know how to add/delete questions to a preexisting assessment.  How do I rearrange the questions?   

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    Kristin Town

    Hi, Nina!

    It would depend on if this assessment is a manual or flexible assessment or if it's an itembank assessment. For published itembank assessments, the assessment needs to be duplicated first. The help document is linked in the question above. For manual or flexible assessments, questions can only be added if there are no student responses in the test or if it hasn't been administered yet. In that case, you'd also need to duplicate it first and then rearrange the questions. 

    Editing, Duplicating or Deleting an Assessment

    Editing, Duplicating, or Deleting a Flexible Assessment

    Feel free to reach out to our support team at for additional assistance as well.

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    Rade Obradovic

    You will need to delete any versions you have on your assessment before you can add more items to it if it is a Manual/Hybrid assessment!

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