Subreport? The detail of subreport doesn't display.


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    Franck Reyherme (Edited )

    Hi Loan!


    1) Does Illuminate support the subreport?

    Yes. It is possible to use sub-reports in your BI Tool reports. Illuminate does support it. However, using sub-reports can be quite difficult and cumbersome. Generally speaking, I recommend avoiding sub-reports unless it is absolutely necessary. In most cases, I have found that there are better/easier ways to accomplish the same results.

    If you absolutely must use a sub-report to accomplish what you want, I recommend scheduling an online meeting with me so we can work on it together.


    2) In Jaspersoft, the main report only shows the column header of the subreport. For the same report, when I deployed it to Illuminate it shows nothing - no data.

    Sub-reports are difficult to work with because the settings to make the report work locally are different than the settings you need to make the report work on the Illuminate servers. That’s because the main report requires a path to the sub-report. The path to the sub-report is entirely different if you are running the report locally vs. on the Illuminate servers. That is why the sub-report does not show at all when you deployed it to Illuminate. To get a sub-report to work in Illuminate, you must first install the sub-report, get the path to the sub-report on the Illuminate server, and then change the path to the sub-report in your main report.

    Also, a sub-report requires it’s own dataset, which is likely why you are getting just the column headers when you were running it locally. The sub-report doesn’t have any data. Generally speaking, sub-reports only work when both the main report and the sub-report are using SQL, not a custom report. Since a sub-report requires it’s own dataset, if you’re not using SQL, then your sub-report has no dataset and can’t display anything.

    That said, I have actually figured out a way around this so that users could user sub-reports without SQL, but the main report and the sub-report must use the same dataset. In other words, both the main and sub-report must be based on the same custom report. And in that case, there is usually a better way to get the same results without using a sub-report.

    As you can tell, getting sub-reports to work is a bit complicated, and I’m not going to be able to describe how to make it all work in this post. But, I am more than happy to help you get it working if you schedule an online meeting with me. You can book an appointment with me by following this link:


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