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    Franck Reyherme

    Hi Brian,

    That's a tough question...  Most of the research I have read suggests the gap exists before the students even start school.  There are plenty of reports, both pre-built and BI Tool reports, that break down performance by race/subgroup.  I know your district uses NWEA.  At what age/grade do you start NWEA testing?  I would think a National normed assessment like NWEA would be the best place to start in terms of developing some insight into where the trend is beginning.  

    You mentioned "the gap seems to widen over time."  It might be interesting to do a multi-year cohort analysis of the data, tracking the achievement gap in a cohort over time.  Then you could better identify when and by how much that gap widens over time.  You would, ideally, need 5-8 years of data to do that.  

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