Discussion Topic: Who is the audience for a prediction?



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    Mitch Fowler

    James, I'm eager to use these values in conjunction with other data (as you described in your Dos and Don'ts post. I can see translating the T/F to more of a call to action. This translation next to chronic absenteeism, behavior, and other leading academic measures (local unit assessments, NWEA goal level data, DIBELs diagnostic data) could help provide a clearer picture of the probability. This data would be for internal use only and probably land at the feet of our Student Success Team as they are charged with form responses so that we are seeing every student by name, need, and strength.

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    James Fleming

    Great thoughts!  I like the idea of seeing it stacked next to other metrics.  Have you translated the T/F into a "call to action" yet?  If so,  I would love to hear what language you're using. 

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