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    Franck Reyherme

    Hi Brian,

    This is a known issue affecting a small number of clients.  Reports that are blocked are ones that have complicated SQL statements.  My guess would be that the report you are trying to upload fits that bill.  Due to new security measures put in place by Illuminate to prevent things like DNS attacks and SQL injections, the file is being blocked.  

    Our DevOps team is aware of the issue and is working on a long-term solution, but in the meantime, I do have a temporary workaround for you.  Before I describe the workaround, I first need to know: do you have an established connection to the Jasper server within Jaspersoft Studio?

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    Brian Cortes

    Hi Franck,

    I haven't been able to connect to the Illuminate Server from within Jaspersoft Studio. I followed the instructions you had outlined in the BI Tool Documentation.

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    Franck Reyherme

    Hmm… Let’s schedule an online meeting so we can work on this together. That will be much more effective than trying to do this via email.

    Please click this link to see my availability and book an appointment with me. Thanks!

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    Brian Cortes

    Ok. Thanks!

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    Lisa Zettle

    I'm having the same issue. I contacted Illuminate support and they gave me these steps...I got through everything but the last step.  I don't know how to Publish the report to the Jasper server via Jasper Studio.

    I heard back from our team, who informed me that this is a known issue. Basically, what is happening is that the SQL in your jrxml file is being flagged and blocked as a security risk by the Cloudflare security system as a potential risk. Our Dev-Ops team is working on a long term solution.

    As a temporary workaround, you can:

    • Install a blank jrxml file via the Illuminate UI
      • Give this blank report the title of the report you’re trying to install.
      • Installing this blank report will create a folder on the Jasper server, along with all the necessary database entries that allow the report to work properly in the Illuminate application.
    • Access the Jasper server via Jasper Studio, locate the blank report, and open it in Jasper Studio.
    • Open the report you are trying to install (the one that is getting blocked) in Jasper
    • Go to the “Source” tab
    • Copy the entire source code from the report
    • Paste the source code into the blank report that you installed on the server.
    • Publish the report to the Jasper server via Jasper Studio

    Voila! The report should now be installed in Illuminate.  We know this is inconvenient, and are offering this only as a temporary workaround, not a permanent solution.

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    Franck Reyherme

    Hi Lisa,

    The option is under the "Project" menu:

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