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    Kristin Rockwell

    Hi Aleksis,


    If I'm understanding correctly, you are interested in creating assessments in eduCLIMBER of which your staff members can enter the scores, correct? Although students cannot take the assessment in eduCLIMBER, your staff members are able to enter the scores for those assessments. I know you said you were interested in connecting with a district, but I can help answer some of your questions :)

    1. A lot of the standards are written as child assessments. For example, a parent assessment would be Creative Writing Essay and the child assessments would be the individual standards that are measured. 

    2. Standards data walls can be lengthy depending on how many standards are measured in one formative assessment. However, each assessment would have its own standards, so you aren't seeing all formatives and all standards in one view - they are assessment-specific standards.

    3. I down districts that have used Google Forms, their own gradebook, and Excel/Google Sheets to keep track of this progress. 


    If you are still interested in connecting with a district, let me know. I can see if I can find one to connect with you!


    Thank you,


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    Aleksis Kincaid

    Hi Kristin,


    Thanks for responding so quickly! We were thinking of our standards as existing in one assessment and being monitored over the course of a year. I'll pass your info onto the team, as it may change how we conceptualize the whole process!

    If other districts are willing to connect with us about how they set up their CFAs we would be VERY interested. You can pass my email along to whoever is willing to speak with us:


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