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    Kristin Rockwell

    Hi Beth,


    Yes, MAP has defined targets for MAP sub skill scores. We have a target set that has these defined ranges that we can push into your system if you'd like. Otherwise, you can add the sub skill ranges to any existing target set by setting the main assessments to watch for percentile rank (or any other measure you are monitoring) and all other assessments to monitor the "Adjective" - the Adjective is what is used to give a score to a sub skill range:

    Step 1 - add main assessments to the target set and save. Then, select the option to add all remaining records and watch for the adjective and save.


    Step 2 - define the score ranges for the main assessments and then for the remaining records


    You will see your main charts have color as well as your sub skill charts and data walls.


    Here is a main chart:


    Here is a sub skill chart

    NOTE: When setting up the target set, you need to use the same language for both the main assessments and the sub skills. So using language such as "Not Proficient," "Below Readiness," "Proficient," etc. will work the best:


    I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any further assistance. 


    Thank you,


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