Behavior Incidents Drill Down to Class Level


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    Kristin Rockwell

    Hi Susan,

    eduCLIMBER does not provide a way to drill into the classroom teacher from the grade level when analyzing incidents. The only area to see classroom teacher with incidents is on the My Class tab and analyzing one teacher at a time with their associated students. 

    There are some districts who have chosen to add a custom field of Classroom Teacher on their incidents (this custom field is added for those incidents that are not being uploaded from their SIS). If you add this custom field, you would have this additional piece of information in your incident charting and could drill into the classroom teacher. It may have to be an optional field to accommodate for all levels K-12 who may be using that incident type. Also, if it's optional, there is no guarantee that it is always completed since it wouldn't be required to save the incident.

    Again, adding this field is an option if you are manually entering incidents into eduCIMBER. If you are uploading majors and other incidents from your SIS, then this option won't work.

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